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Heather Yade Girardin

My story begins long before my actual diagnosis with epilepsy myself. My mom had epilepsy and the effects of it on her were part of my life from the time I was born until she passed at 32 when I was 8 years old.

It what seems like only a short time later when I was 16 and pregnant at the time with my daughter. Epilepsy really started affecting me. As a teen mom I had enough on plate and after heart test and other test all came back negative they did a EEG. When the neurologist called and said he needed me to come in I knew the result right away. Avoiding it was impossible by then I had been suffering my seizures on a regular basis for almost 2 years. My boyfriend who is now my husband came with me to the apt hearing the diagnosis brought a great amount of fear to me and him. I was told only a few weeks prior I was pregnant with my son so other then close monitoring medication could not be started. The thought of mother frequently crossed my mind the fear of having to leave behind two children because of this seemed like a real possibility, still does to this day. I didn’t let it stop me I pushed through and did my best to continue living my life. I went to school and completed my high school, raised my almost 2 year old daughter and took everything day by day. My seizures were a regular occurrence at the time varying in severity. About 3 months after I gave birth to my son in Feb 2009 I was started on a low dose of medication. It helped reduce my number of seizures. A year later I went to college and graduated as a personal support worker. Since my actual diagnosis there have been up and downs and I have learned to take life day by day but not to give up on my dreams. I work part time and have experienced seizure’s at work including one that left me being rushed to hospital but didn’t let it stop me from going on and back. I am now returning to school for nursing planning on continue working part time and raise my kids. Fear and the daunting thought of this disability is always there but with the support from family and friends I don’t stop myself from having a full plate in life.

Heather Yade Girardin


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